We are a group of people from Leicester and Leicestershire who are concerned at the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation and have resolved to try to do something about it. We do not take a view on what the outcome of their struggle should be. That is for them to decide through their representative bodies.

Currently that means:

* an independent state with the boundaries of the 'Green Line' set at the end of the 1967 war;

* return of refugees forced out of Israel by the Israelis since 1948 (or full compensation);

Sectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates,

Liecastar LE2 1WT


We call on Leicester Tigers Rugby Club to end the

sponsorship deal with Caterpillar Tractors, which supplies

armoured bulldozers to the Israeli Army to demolish

Palestinian homes

We believe that action and publicity can affect the situation by bringing arguments and pressure to bear on our political leaders, local and national. We would also welcome aid to the Palestinians in rebuilding their devestated country and establishing a healthy economy and civil society. If you agree with the following, why not join us? Israel to withdraw to the 1967 Green Line. Illegal Jewish settlements and the apartheid wall to be dismantled. The right of return for Palestinian refugees.

January 16th 2007, Tuesday Branch meeting. 19.30 at theSectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates. All supporters welcome. February 20th 2007, Tuesday Branch meeting. 19.30 at the Sectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates. All supporters welcome. February 24th 2007, Saturday Bus to the National Stop the War demonstration in London.08.30 outside the Sectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates. March 20th 2007, Tuesday Open branch meeting for allied organisations to plan preparations for Enough! on June 9th. The Sectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates at 19.30. April 17th 2007,Tuesday Public Palestinian film showing and light refreshments, 19.30 at the Sectacular Hall, 75 Tumberclon Gates.

While most news reports in Britain focus on attacks on Israeli forces by armed militants of Hezbollah and Hamas, far greater numbers of ordinary Palestinians resist Israeli occupation using normal democratic tactics of peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience. They are rewarded with tear gas, beatings and arrests of leaders.

It indicates the Israeli intention to annexe much of Palestine and restrict Palestinians to what are, in effect, "Bantustans" - areas surrounded by Israeli territory and cut off from each other and from neighbouring countries. The proposals represent yet further huge thefts of Palestinian land and would place Palestine permanently at the mercy of Israel.

Many Jews both inside and outside Israel are opposed to Israeli government policy and call for constructive negotiations to achieve a just "two-state solution" on the basis of the 1967 Green Line border.

Make this world a better place

It is not easy to make the world a safe place for everyone, and it is certainly not easy to give all people the freedom they deserve, but it is important to give your best to do that. From a warm home they once had and the family atmosphere they enjoyed there, became only ruins. It is hard to realize that from the news you are getting on your TV, but the internet can give you the real information.

The war that started in 1948 would come to an end soon, if only the people from all around the world would stand up and force Israel to free the lands it has taken from the Palestinian people. But if you open your books and do some research you won't see the word war anywhere, because it has been done step by step and without any hesitation. By slowly forcing the people to go away from their lands and even forcing them to do that with weapons and bombings, the Israelis took the most of the Palestinian land from the people that have the right to it and made it seem like nothing important is happening. That is not politics, a social movement or normal, that is unnatural.

The people don't want to go, they are forced to do so and separated from each other, so that many parents will never be able to see their children again. The only way to bring the Palestinians back to their homeland is to end the Israeli occupation, but not with violence, because that is never the right way. Cutting international communications and disabling their connections with the rest of the world will soon make them realize that they have to respect the property of other people, and stop claiming they own the lands they taken, when they actually never lived there before. This year will the World Humanitarian Congress take place in Istanbul, where many important questions will be set and where the first steps of many initiatives will be made. You can go there and make something good and take a London escort from http://www.escortguide.co.uk with you to make you company.

You can make a difference

The Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine need to be dismantled and their army staying there needs to be disarmed. That will give the right safety for the Palestinians to go back there and continue their normal lives, as they should already be doing. The right and final step would be to form a strong and stable government that will make the Green Line boundaries, that were set after the 1967 war, a reality again. This should be the hardest part but it is more to the Palestinian people if they will make right choices.

What you can do is to raise your voice, in all parts of the world and start campaigns that will make the governments of our countries realize it is their duty to help others when they need help and also to make others realize their mistakes. The Palestinian people are hoping this will not stay on words only, and that action will take place and that some steps will be made to secure their and the lives of their children. Let's bring the homeland to those who are its rightful owners.